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Why do I need to register as a user?
Most products and services require users to sign in. Whatever that’s in store at AG3 are exclusive only to our users.


How do I register?
Simply choose User Signup under the Log In tab to register. Remember to provide a genuine email and you’re good to go.



Are you a business owner?


How do I register my business?
Simply choose Business Signup under the Contact Us tab to register. Please provide us with genuine contact details which we will use to contact you to verify your business.


Why are you doing this?
One of the reasons that encouraged us to put together this website was simple – we just didn’t want to see people spending thousands of dollars promoting their websites or businesses.
We have been involved with many digital marketing companies in the past and we can truly say that 90% of them just utilize Google AdWords and social media and ask thousands of dollars for it.
To learn more about why we are doing this, read Why we launched


Why we are doing it for FREE?
Another reason why we are spending a lot of time designing free ads and promoting them for businesses is that we are actually earning some money from it – no secret to hide.
Some of the products and services that we are promoting pay us commission fees for referring new clients.
It’s enough to cover the domain name and web hosting costs, which keeps this site online and our services available for all.
Please keep in mind that all our services on this website are free of charge. You can share it with your friends, colleagues, family members, business partners and so on.
Reach out to new customers today!


How to take advantage of Business Referral Program?


How do I refer a business?
Simply leave us a message at our Contact page. Kindly provide the following:
  • Business name
  • Contact name
  • Business contact number (mobile)
  • Business email
  • And of course your email


How will I receive my reward for referral?
Upon successful business registration, the reward will be emailed to you.
But hurry! Only limited to the first 35 successful referrals.
Remember to mention that all our services are FREE of charge.